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ISA was founded in October of 2016, with a mission to develop the technologies needed to secure our best probable future. Initially, the company started as a garage-based research project studying black holes, quantum physics, and electromagnetism. As a result of the project’s discoveries, it became evident that there are relatively untapped alternative sources of energy, that if harnessed would revolutionize how we power our world. Given the potential impact, a team of entrepreneurs and engineers was assembled to develop a new generation of energy technology for the sustainable future.

• Stay Curious

• Seek The Truth

• Have Courage

• Keep An Open Mind

• Embrace The Unknown

• Be Honest

• Do The Right Thing

• Lead By Example

• Leave An Impact

As we embark on our journey, we welcome you to join us. We need all the help we can get if we are to complete our mission. Together, we will secure a sustainable future, and build a better tomorrow in which all people can thrive.


We’re working to build a better tomorrow.

Hunter Bjork
Chief Executive Officer

Technologist and startup veteran with over ten years of experience, Hunter founded ISA upon the belief that a quantum leap in energy must be made to secure humanity’s best probable future.

Rodney Mayo

Experienced Commander leading organizations to high performance, Rodney is currently accountable for over 12,000 industrial base and defense contracts equating to more than 3 billion dollars.

Skylar Lysaker
Vice President

A purpose driven leader with over a decade of B2B and B2C sales experience. Skylar is a results driven communicator, focused on biz-dev and nurturing relationships that drive positive impact.

Scot Dubé

An accomplished fortune 500 executive with strong EBITDA, M&A, and net revenue growth history. Scot has served as CEO and or President of vertically integrated manufacturing companies for over fifteen years.

Jared Gobler

Service-driven and grounded in the present, Jared is a to-the-point operator skilled in management, sales, strategy, scalable processes, advertising, company architecture, and business development.

Scott Steinman
Chief Financial Officer

Scott is a results oriented, financial and operations professional with a passion for fiduciary education, building high performing teams, driving growth, improving leverage, and challenging the status quo.

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2390 E Camelback Rd. Ste 130

Phoenix, Arizona 85016


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