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What is Energy3?

February 20, 20231 min read

“Energy3” is a term used to categorize decentralized sources of energy, capable of generating sustainable power-on-demand at the source of consumption.

The Evolution of Energy

Energy1, Energy2, and Energy3 refer to the eras of history in which the world-wide power grid evolved through various technologies and formats. Energy1 refers roughly to the period of 1882 to 1950, whereas the electrical grid was primarily powered by fossil fuels, and the vast majority of users were consumers, not producers of energy. Energy2 refers to the advent of renewables, which operate intermittently, but have enabled producers and users to generate clean energy. Renewables in general are much more expensive than energy1 sources, but have been considered to be the next logical step towards a sustainable grid. Energy3 is the third iteration of our electrical grid, where users are also producers of clean energy, enabling a peer-to-peer layer of grid infrastructure to be build to improve energy security, independence, and lower the cost of electricity.

The Energy3 Movement

The adoption of Energy3 will enable people to become energy independent, and exercise their right to energy freedom. Unlike energy1 and energy2, energy3 is not reliant on a specific location, time of day, or a utility company to generate electricity. This said, users of energy3 can generate their own electricity as needed, without effecting the environment, and for less than the cost of energy1. Energy3's inherent benefits offer a truly sustainable solution to meet demand, while eliminating many of the limiting factors associated with traditional sources of power.


Energy3’s benefits have the potential to revolutionize energy as we know it. It is clear that in time energy3 could enable true energy independence for all people, improve our grid’s security, lower the cost of electricity, and make energy more abundantly available around the world.


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