What is Energy3?

“Energy3” is a term used to categorize decentralized sources of power, capable of generating energy on-demand, anywhere, at any time.

The Evolution of Energy

Energy1 and Energy2 refer to eras in the history of the world-wide power grid as it evolved through various technologies and formats. Energy1 refers roughly to the period from 1882 to 1950, where the electrical grid was primarily powered by fossil fuels, and the vast majority of users were consumers, not producers of energy. Energy2 is based around the idea of renewables which operate intermittently but generate clean electricity. Renewables are generally more expensive than energy1, but are considered to be a step towards a sustainable grid. Energy3 is considered to be the third iteration of the electrical grid, whereas users are also producers of energy, enabling a peer-to-peer layer to be build on top of current infrastructure to improve energy security, sustainability, and lower the cost of electricity.

The Energy3 Movement

Several energy3 companies around the world have surfaced after decades of development, and demonstrated breakthrough energy technologies that will change the way we power our world. ISA, NDB, Saith TechnologiesInductance Energy, and Torus Tech are just a few of the industry's leaders. 


Energy3 has the potential to revolutionize energy as we know it. It is clear that in time such technologies could democratize energy, improve grid security, increase scalability, lower costs, and make energy more abundantly available. Now is the time to build a better tomorrow, and secure our best probable future.

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