About Us

Energy Exploration™


ISA was founded in October of 2016, with a mission to develop the technologies needed to secure our best probable future. Initially, the company started as a garage-based research project studying black holes, plasma physics, gravity, and vacuum field fluctuations. As a result of the project’s experiments and discoveries, it became evident that there may be other sources of power that if harnessed could revolutionize electricity as we know it. Given the potential, a team of entrepreneurs and engineers was assembled to attempt to harness alternative sources of energy.

• Stay Curious

• Seek The Truth

• Have Courage

• Keep An Open Mind

• Embrace The Unknown

• Be Honest

• Do The Right Thing

• Lead By Example

• Leave An Impact

As we embark on our journey, we welcome you to join us. We need all the help we can get if we are to complete our mission. Together, we will secure a sustainable future, and build a better tomorrow in which all people can thrive.

ISA Headquarters

Mailing Address:

2390 E Camelback Rd. Ste 130

Phoenix, Arizona 85016