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Natural Fusion

Simple By Nature

We've developed a simple approach to harnessing fusion energy, that is capable of generating clean electricity at the source of consumption. Utilizing discoveries in material science and electrochemistry, ISA's engineers and scientists have discovered a way to sustain a low-energy fusion reaction, without the need for complex external confinement. Designed with decentralization in mind, the technology’s compact attributes enable fusion to be utilized for a variety of distributed energy applications.


Energy at the source of consumption


Inherently safe, waste free, and net-zero.


Uninterrupted power generation.


Low-cost energy production from fusion.

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Sustainable Ignition

How It Works

ISA's fusion technology generates hyper-efficient power by creating a stable low-energy fusion reaction in an aqueous solution of water. Ignition occurs following the introduction of a small amount of input power via a special electrode submerged in the water based fuel. The heat from the reaction quickly boils the water inside the reactor, producing steam which can be used to turn a turbine and generate electricity. Exiting steam can then be condensed and recycled for reuse inside the reactor, eliminating waste without emissions.

Our Vision

Energy Independence In-A-Box


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